Drift Concert

The final event of the festival: an experimental concert that short circuits the inside space of Alte Oper with it's urban surroundings.

In Mozart Saal, Ensemble Modern plays a sequence of short chamber music pieces. At the beginning of the concert, a small group of drifters leaves the concert hall and departs into the city. Through headphones, the can hear a live transmission of the concert. They have no fixed route, but let the music guide them through the city, with leadership rotating inside the group.

We've come full circle. This urban perspective of the drifters is recorded on camera and transmitted back to the concert hall, the video projection serving as backdrop to the concert. Based on the video EM members decide after each piece what to play next.

( Duration 60 min, please be on time )

Sun 17:00 Mozart Saal

With Alexandar Hadjiev (bn), Sava Stoianov (tp), Rainer Römer (perc), Hermann Kretzschmar (piano), Ueli Wiget (piano), Jagdish Mistry (vl), Giorgos Panagiotidis (vl), Megumi Kasakawa (va), Michael M. Kasper (vc)

Music: Claude Debussy, Nikolaus A. Huber, Erik Satie, Giacinto Scelsi u.a. /a.o.

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