Hiding in Music

A playing field divided by four, in each corner an instrumentalist. The scene is set for a peculiar hunt for prey.

Two players - both blindfolded - share the stage in the centre of this musical magic circle in a performative crossover between blind man’s bluff and tag. The player who is prey orientates in the space according to the musical background layer, while the player who is hunter listens closely for one musician soloing, reading an acoustic hint at the prey’s position. Once hunter is successful, they themselves become prey for a new hunter - and the musical circle starts over.

( Duration 45 min, short rounds, drop in anytime )

Sat 14:00, 16:00 Mozart Saal Sun 15:00 Mozart Saal

Paul Schmidt is a researcher at the intersection of Playful Cities, Urban Games, Soundwalks, and Urban Interfaces. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a MSc in Game Studies and is currently working on his MA thesis in Media, Art & Performance Studies in Utrecht. Outside academia Paul works for media and art festivals, and designs games that are not confined to tabletops or computer screens. Research Blog

Hiding in Music was developed during the PLAYSONIC Game Jam

With Katrin Szamatulski (fl), Gabriel Trottier (hn), Per Håkon Oftedal (tp), Kyubin Hwang (vc), Yongbom Lee (composition)

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