Mirror Music

A cooperative encounter between musicians and non-musicians. A game in which both sides can discover something new - about themselves, the instruments, and music.

Spread out in the mirrored halls of Alte Oper Frankfurt, Ensemble Modern instrumentalists play mini-concerts. The audience can continue the music simply by moving their hands. The musicians mirror every movement in real time.

( duration approx. 30 min, please be on time )

Fri 17:00 Intermezzo Sat 12:00 Intermezzo Sun 12:00 Mozart Saal

Brian Ferneyhough: In nomine a 3 (2001)
Dietmar Wiesner (fl), Christian Hommel (ob), Jaan Bossier (cl)

Mauricio Kagel: Morceau des Concours – Version für Horn und Trompete (1968/72)
Saar Berger (hn), Sava Stoianov (tp)

Bela Bartok: Streichquartett Nr. 4, 4. Satz (1928)
Jagdish Mistry (vl), Giorgos Panagiotidis (vl), Aglaya González (va),
Michael M. Kasper (vc)

Karl Heinz Wahren: Nächtliche Tänze toskanischer Jungfrauen zu Zeiten der Inquisition (1983)
Eva Böcker (vc), Paul Cannon (db)

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