Musical Chairs

A variation of the children's game "Musical chairs" or "The Devil's game", but with a twist: When the music stops, the player who doesn't find a chair is not "out", but "in".

The game is played around a grand piano, to improvised music. When a player doesn't find a chair, they receive a card with simple geometric instructions on using their voice, hands, or feet, or parts of the grand piano to join the piano player in the improvisation. A balancing act between moving and listening, and between the competitive outside and the cooperative center of the circle.

( Duration 45 min, short rounds, drop in anytime )

Sat 13:00, 15:00 Mozart Saal Sun 14:00 Mozart Saal

With Hermann Kretzschmar (piano)

Anastasija Kadisa is a composer, performance artists und member of Akademie Musiktheater Heute (AMH) of Deutschen Bank Foundation.

Sanghwa Park is a multimedia artists and stage designer. Since 2017 she is also a member of AMH.

Jonas Stallmeister is a visual designer at Centigrade GmbH and sings lullabies.

This work was developed during the PLAYSONIC Game Jam.

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