Playsonic Party

Meet Gabo und Canvas, two large-scale interactive instruments by Berlin based group Polyjam that let you actively touch and mod the sounds und beats of the party. We turn jugend-kultur-kirche sankt peter into the site of a party ritual for all senses.

In dialogue with the interactive music by Polyjam, we install Just Add People - the instant architecture game. A huge amount of 1-meter long sticks and neon colored connectors lets you create a fantasitcal, walkable Landschaft - perfect for dancing, conversations and chill out.

( Access the installation from 21:00, start of the ritual at 23:00, free admission )

Sat 21:00 - jugend-kultur-kirche sankt peter

Polyjam is a group of international multidisciplinary artists based in Berlin. Working together since 2014 with the vision to create an interactive mixed-media playground, where artists from all disciplines can collaborate and improvise with each other to invent a new artistic language of connectivity, interdependence and positive cultural/personal transformation.

Just Add People is an invitation into the realm of architecture, a playful tool for prototyping spaces as a means of reflecting on and advancing relationships – between people, people, objects and environments. A game by Jennifer Aksu, Kerem Halbrecht, Anna Hentschel, Gilly Karjevsky and Sebastian Quack.

Since 2007, sankt peter is a church for young people and a special place of intercultural exchange for 14-25 year olds. It is used for concerts, theater, workshops and services.

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