Götter der Dämmerung

A young man talking about the apocalypse. A machine that reproduces sounds in mysterious sequences. A church that promises to become one with the background noise of the universe.

Will you help the priests of the Order of the 6th Sun and take part in machine ritual of an enigmatic god? Or would you rather stay away from this sect and listen to the unusual sounds of their liturgy from a safe distance? Decide wisely: Only if enough mortals successfully complete the ritual, the god of entropy can be appeased and the universe saved from total destruction.

( Duration 60 min, active participation: limited spaces, sign-up at the festival counter, arrive at the Mozart Saal on time, audience: no sign-up, drop in anytime )

Fri 19:00, 20:00 Mozart Saal Sat 17:00 Mozart Saal Sun 13:00 Mozart Saal

A work by Philipp Ehmann, Orm Finnendahl und Lea Søvsø

In collaboration with Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie: Katrin Szamatulski (fl), Niamh Dell (ob), Moritz Schneidewendt (cl), Peng-Hui Wang (fg), Per Håkon Oftedal (tp), Yu-Ling Chiu (perc), William Overcash (vl), Lola Rubio (vl), Laura Hovestadt (va), Kyubin Hwang (vc), Lautaro Mura Fuentealba (performance), Yongbom Lee (performance), Maximiliano Estudies (sound direction)

focus team chamber

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