Listen to Play: Bâton Musical, Emergency Landing, Wish a Tune

A multi-facetted game experience in three movements, framed by the musical pieces "Countdowns" and "Emergency Procedures", performed live by Ensemble Modern.

The three movements "B√Ęton Musical", "Emergency Landing" and "Wish a Tune" take off from the existing compositions. The audience is playfully invited to interact with the music and the musicians, to discover different modes of listening and to explore hidden corners of the Alte Oper Frankfurt.

( duration: 90 min, please arrive on time )

Sat 20:00 Mozart Saal

Game designer Simon Johnson, video artist Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck and composer Daniel Moreira collaborated to create a special evening oscillating between concert and game, between listening and playing.

Ensemble Modern, Daniel Moreira (Dirigent/conductor), Norbert Ommer
(Klangregie/sound director)

focus team ensemble

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