Parlour Games and Music – a Mini Game Jam

How do board, card and parlour games interact with live music? In both media, the verb "play" describes the main aspect of engagement. We want to explore if there is more than a semantic parallel.

Game jams are about developing game ideas in a very short time. The goal isn't to create a finished game, but to explore possibilities and try out experiments.

The participants work in small groups together with a musician. Suggestions are provided on where to start, but soon the groups collaboratively develop and test their own ideas.

Everyone is invited to join, it doesn't matter what pre experience you have in music or game design. If you are up for developing something new yourself, you are welcome!

( Duration 2 hours, limited spaces, sign-up at the festival counter, please be on time )

Sun 14:00-16:00 Festival-Counter

Ulrich Blum (game designer, Cologne)

In 2009, the former actor won the Author Stipend from the "Spiel des Jahres" jury and started publishing board games. Since 2011 he is a full time game designer. Next to classic board and card games, he develops games that mix analogue and digital elements and playful events for commercial clients.

With musicians of EM and IEMA

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